Sport Training
Sports Training
Our throwing program is guaranteed to improve overall sports performance

Dave Kashuba developed a sports throwing program guaranteed to increase arm strength with improved throwing and hitting performance.

Training Programs
Sports Training
6-week program consisting of two weekly hour training sessions

David has successfully used his sports training programs on many area athletes who sustained injuries in their sports activity or just want an edge on the field or court.

Sports Training
Dave or one of his qualified staff will do a range of motion/strength evaluation and measurement

Specific therapeutic strengthening excercises aimed at developing the small muscles of the rotator cuff using plyometric and isotonic exercises, scapular stabilization and leg strengthening.
Our specific modalities include Russian and interferential stimulation and therapeutic stretching by a skilled therapist to end each session.

Teen Fitness
Teen Fitness
Customized programs for teen fitness and development including weight training and sport performance

Teaching proper form and technique for weight training will ensure injuries are prevented. Cardio fitness, weight loss as well as improved sports performance are some of the many benefits that teens can experience from our expert fitness programs.

Fitness Oriented
Teen Fitness
All programs are supervised, and are fun and safe

The United States has seen childhood obesity double over the past 30 years, with 18 percent of teens considered obese.

Our First Rehab Teen Fitness program was developed to help teens live a healthy, fitness oriented lifestyle, improving their well-being.