Ladies Sculpting
This is a 5-week program consisting of two weekly 45 to 60 minute sessions

This unique program is designed for all fitness levels focusing on toning, lifting and tightening all of which improve posture and help prevent osteoporosis.

Ladies Sculpting
Groups are small and supervised by our licensed professionals

We will help you will build lean muscle without adding mass, while at the same time increase your metabolism. During the initial evaluation, measurements will be taken so you can keep track of your progress.

Adult Wellness
Let Dave Kashuba create a customized fitness program for you

At First Rehab NPB our adult wellness program is a great way to continue the progress made during therapy. The specially developed wellness program helps prevent future injuries, improve quality of life, and achieve whole person wellness.

Adult Wellness
Our adult wellness program continues the progress made during therapy

This program is for all fitness levels focusing on functional exercises. We help individuals of all ages improve their quality of life, building strength, endurance and mobility.

Customized Programs
Licensed Professionals